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How To Get 5 Stars in GTA 3?

Getting 5 stars in Grand Theft Auto III isn’t that hard to do if you have the right steps to follow and are ready to take the challenge head on. I’ve been playing this game on and off ever since it came out, and I think I have what it takes to get 5 stars in GTA 3 every time I play. The following guide will show you step-by-step how to get 5 stars in GTA 3 without much trouble at all. To obtain a wanted level in Grand Theft Auto III, the player must commit serious crimes (for example, killing or injuring people). As the player’s wanted level increases, more powerful forms of law enforcement will pursue him/her and become more effective in their ability to capture him/her. The player can lose wanted levels by evading law enforcement officers or paying bribes at police stations. Five wanted stars are the highest wanted level in the game and it signifies that every law enforcement agency in Liberty City is chasing after the player.

The importance of 5 stars

The importance of five stars cannot be overstated. If you have no stars or less than four, the cops won’t come after you, but will just chase you if they see you. You can go on a rampage as long as you want and nothing will happen. However, if you do something bad enough like shoot up a store or kill someone, then even if you have five stars it doesn’t mean anything. The cops will find and arrest or kill your character within seconds because they know what’s going on. When the cops are chasing after your character, he can run away from them by outrunning their car. He can also lose his pursuers by getting onto a different level, either above ground or below ground. There is one other way to get rid of the police: The player must enter a casino while pursued, win some money at the tables, and then leave before being busted. In this case there is no cash penalty for getting busted and any wanted level will be removed right away. There are a few problems with doing this, though. For starters, the casinos are located only in Vice City, so if the player has already beaten the game then he’ll need to replay Vice City again. Also, entering a casino means that all weapons and body armor must be left behind outside (you’ll get kicked out if you try to bring them inside). Finally, while playing poker or slots inside a casino offers plenty of chances to gamble (and win) big bucks–winning big bucks is not guaranteed; it’s possible that your character could end up running low on funds more quickly when fleeing the cops outside than when playing games inside.

How to achieve 5 stars

The easiest way to achieve 5 stars is to take over all of the territory for each gang. That way, you’ll be able to have unlimited access to weapons and vehicles as well as have more places that you can store your items. Here’s a list of the gangs and their territories:

  • The Ballas Gang – Little Mexico, Idlewood, East Los Santos, Inglewood (all areas)
  • The Grove Street Family Gang – Ganton (South Central Los Santos), El Corona (East Los Santos)
  • The Varrios Los Aztecas Gang – Verona Beach, Davis (West Los Santos), Angel Pine (North Coast) – The San Fierro Rifa Gang – Rancho, Creek, Doherty (North Eastern San Fierro), Hashbury (Northeast San Fierro) 
  • O’Neil Brothers – Las Barrancas 
  • Triads – Chinatown 
  • Russian Mafia – Redsands West, Red County 
  • Mafia Sentinels – Santa Maria Beach, Venturas Strip (Southwest Venturas), Palomino Creek (Northwest Venturas) 
  • Diablos – Unity Station, Rockshore West, Rockshore North 
  • Haitian Gangsters – Garcia (Central Little Haiti), North Point Mall/Easter Basin Industrial Park (Eastern Little Haiti) 
  • Forellis Crew – Saint Mark’s Bistro, Prawn Island/Sunshine Autos (Western Vice City), Leaf Links Golf Course/Sunset Hills Country Club area(Northern Vice City)

The benefits of having 5 stars

To gain 5 stars, you have to have a high wanted level. In order to gain the wanted level quickly, you need to kill the police officer and take his clothes. After that, go and buy some weapons. Next, head into any building or public area with a lot of people and start killing them. After a while, you will be told that there are now heavily armed cops coming after you. This is when you should hide out somewhere and wait for them. They will either come close enough for an easy kill or they will just give up on trying to find you. When it says you are clear then head back outside and resume your massacre on pedestrians until your wanted level rises again. The higher you want your wanted level to be, the more civilians you must kill. However if you want to decrease your star count, simply don’t do anything for about 30 seconds or so. You can also call Little Jacob and he’ll say something like I’m hearing gunshots which means that the cop who gave you 5 stars has been killed by another pedestrian, which will cause your level to drop by one.


To have five stars, you need to become a Public Enemy. You will start out with one star and then the next time you find a cop, or do something bad like shoot someone, you will go up to two stars. To go up from two to three is a little harder but it’s still not too hard as long as you are careful when looking for cops. The next level, three stars, is even more difficult because now the whole city is after you and they’ll shoot on sight which makes it hard if not near impossible just walking around town. Once you finally make your way up to four stars the police will use helicopters and tanks against you so now it becomes an all-out war of good vs. evil. If you manage to get past that then five stars, the most sought after star rating in Grand Theft Auto III, awaits you. In order to achieve this high honor though, you will need some help from your friends and/or family because it can’t be done alone. Get at least six people together that want this achievement just as much as you do (especially if there are no other criminal organizations) and take over each area of the city that has a police station until eventually you take control of all four stations whereupon it will change into a bloodbath (well… figuratively). If all goes well, which it often does considering how many weapons Grand Theft Auto III gives you access to (and how easy killing people has become), eventually your organization should rule all of Liberty City. Read more for these type of blogs.



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